It's On!!

It's On!!!  This has been a vision that has filled my heart for a long time now and I am excited to get busy for Jesus in my city.  I am so thankful that God has surrounded me with many devoted followers of Jesus Christ, men and women, who have the same vision.  We are passionate about living life on purpose and using everything that we are and intend to be to make an offensive assault against the gates of Hell.  

I have watched my city be punished and riddled with addiction and heartache for far too long and have stood by with many other believers saying something has to be done.  No More!! No more standing to the side hoping someone will step up and step in.  No more standing to the side talking about how others should do it better.  No more standing to the side and wondering what to do.  It is time for us to step up and step in, to stop complaining and start working, and to stop wondering and start fighting.  We will move for JESUS because He is worth it and because we/they desperately need it!!