Personhood Bill Support

Dear concerned citizen,

If you would like to contact leaders in South Carolina regarding the "The Personhood Act of South Carolina H3289" here are instructions:

1) Copy paste these email addresses into your Bcc line. Make sure it is the Bcc line;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

2) Copy this text into the Subject line:

The Personhood Act of South Carolina H3289

3) Copy  and paste this into the body of your email:

Dear Honorable Senators & House Representatives,

Thank you for your service to our state. We pray for you, your family, and service to South Carolina. We appreciate the hours and sacrifices you make to represent the wonderful citizens of our beloved state.

We write to you to address a serious concern we have. Would it be wrong for us to conclude that senators or any elected official who does not use their position to protect the personhood of every human--whether in the womb or out of the womb--is not honoring his or her oath to the Constitution which calls for justice of the innocent?

We ask that you would give your full attention to ensuring the protection of every unborn child.

History has not looked favorably upon the leaders or the people of the past who did not uphold the personhood of humans abused in the slave trade.

History will not look honorably upon leaders or the people who do not uphold the personhood of children in their mother’s womb.

May the voters of South Carolina, in the next election, be able to confidently look favorably on you for the strong stance that you take as you protect the personhood of unborn children.

God's holy word declares, "Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy." (Proverbs 31:9)

We ask that you see to it that "The Personhood Act of South Carolina H3289" is voted upon in the Senate. If not the House bill, we ask that you pass an identical bill in the Senate to send to the House.

If the House bill makes it to the Senate we ask that you vote in favor of the "The Personhood Act of South Carolina H3289.”

We sincerely hope and believe that you are the type of leader that we can trust to be a voice to the voiceless, in our state and nationally, for years to come. Please do everything within your power to protect all of our little ones, both in and out of the womb.

Thank you again for your service, sacrifice, and stewardship to our state.