Birth to Fifth Grade

KidWell, Our childrens ministry is focused on loving our children and showing them the truth of Jesus Christ in their language. We want them to have a wonderful time learning about Jesus and developing relationships that will last a life time. Hambone and his wife, Debbie, have been working with students for well over 30 years and have loved on and ministered to many of you as well.

We know that your child will have an amazing time with the KidWell team, but fun is not our main objective. The most important aspect of KidWell is the focus on Jesus and then on family. The Well has a group called the Ripple Team. This team is responsible for making sure that all the ministries within the church are tied together. Our desire is to share the same lessons from the youngest to the oldest, in ways they can understand. If you drop a stone into KidWell, you should feel it in Overflow (our Youth Ministry), and the adult worship as well, hence the name “Ripple.” We want you to be able to share insights with your children and for them to share insights with you, because church should never just happen on Sunday.

Please know that we strive for KidWell to be an excellent experience not only for the children but for the parents as well. All of our KidWell staff go through a background check and training to insure a safe and productive environment. We have secure child check-in that logs each child in through a system which links them with their parents. The child is given an identification sticker that will match an identification sticker given to the parent. This sticker will also alert the teacher to any allergy or other concern that the child/parent may have.